Understanding the World of Booth Displays

SEG, also known as Silicone Edge Graphics, are high-resolution graphics published through dye, UV, sublimation, Solvent, or Latex onto material. Then it’s far completed with the aid of sewing a silicone strip at the photos’ part.

These designs are specially made to add with a custom aluminum extruded frame. The very last product is a graphics show answer that gives interest-grabbing, interchangeable photos, and photographic fine imagery.


Silicone Edge Graphics (SEG) was first introduced at EuroShop trade honest 2008, after which it quickly became an ideal solution for conference and trade display photos due to its modular design, durability, and uncomplicated assembly functions.

Before SEG Fabric Frame, the change show graphics were revealed on a heavy stock like paper, Sintra PVC, acrylic and Lexan backing. They have been functional however had a few negative aspects like heavy, challenging to install, tough to ship, and vulnerable to damage.

Fabric pics additionally had decrease photo resolution, however progressively, they stepped forward with the emergence of dye sublimation printing era and material quality. Apart from this, the frames of the portraits structures had been simple and unsightly.

Versatile & Cost-Effective

SEG frames can be custom designed to match any required area, and due to this feature, it quickly became a extensively used body for applications like unfastened-standing displays, suspended shows, and wall-established displays.

These structures have been available in varieties: non-lit or backlit, depending at the LED lights options.

Due to their high customizable and cost-effective capabilities, the SEG frames cause exponential growth of their adoption across many industries. SEG frames are preferred in lots of show systems like unfastened-standing shows, body signage, and POP presentations.